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Korean Palace



Cha Tea Bar is finally here! We are road ready and excited to brew tea by the sea! Our mobile tea experience is not confined by walls….our tea truck serves up a variety of refreshing artisanal tea beverages and light snacks. Our values are rooted in procuring quality teas, using organics products whenever possible, offering a variety of plant based milks, sourcing eco-friendly packaging and products, composting our brewed tea leaves, and powering our truck with solar and green energy.


So what was the genesis for Cha Tea Bar? 

Tea runs deep

in my DNA.

As my Korean grandmother was transitioning at the end of her life, she shared many stories with me. In particular, she spoke of her teahouse she had opened in Seoul, Korea (my birthplace) shortly after the Korean War called Blue Mountain Tea House (청산 찻집).

During those turbulent times, she created an inviting space for people to gather, socialize, relax, and share conversation and ideas while enjoying a pot of tea. To this day, my grandmother continues to provide me with strength and inspiration.


The beauty about tea transcends cultures, language, politics, and generations. It is the soundtrack of our history. Cha Tea Bar is also creating an experience... and designed to share it at almost any location. In addition to offering a variety of handcrafted tea beverages, I am proud to source traditional Korean teas as well as organic ceremonial grade matcha from Jeju Island. 

Tea Pot

Cha Tea Bar is about making space and building communit-TEA…..cup by cup, sip by sip! Partner with us and our handcrafted tea menu, to make your event special and memorable! 


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